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Breastfeeding challenges can be stressful, especially when you're a new parent with a million things to juggle. If your little one is having a tough time, or your older child needs a Frenectomy for orthodontic issues, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Frenectomies are a virtually painless, quick, and simple technique that utilizes our cutting-edge CO2 laser to free your child’s restriction so they can joyfully smile, eat, and speak with ease. Unsure if your child has a lip or tongue tie? Get a free consultation today to get started or read on to learn more.

Nurturing Little Smiles

Does my child have a lip or tongue tie?

If you or your child are experiencing the following symptoms, we encourage you to reach out for a free consultation to get the peace of mind you deserve.

Infant Symptoms
  • Difficulty latching

  • Clicking or popping sounds while feeding

  • Speech problems

  • Struggle to chew age-appropriate solid foods

Mother’s Symptoms
  • Painful breastfeeding

  • Sore or cracked nipples

  • Poor or incomplete breast drainage

  • Decreased milk supply

What to Expect

The Frenectomy Process


Evaluation and Diagnosis

Our experienced team will first carefully evaluate and diagnose your child's lip or tongue tie. We take the time to understand their specific needs and discuss the best treatment options with you.


Same-Day Treatment with CO2 Laser

If a frenectomy is recommended, we may accommodate same-day treatment using our advanced CO2 laser technology. This ensures minimal discomfort and a quick recovery, allowing your child to return to normal activities shortly after the procedure.



Our care doesn't end with the procedure. We have a network of specialists, including lactation consultants, to provide comprehensive aftercare support. This network aims to improve the breastfeeding experience and improve your and your child’s overall well-being.

Got Questions?

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lip or tongue tie?

A lip or tongue tie is a common condition that occurs when the thin piece of tissue called the frenulum, which connects the lip to the gum or the tongue to the floor of the mouth, is unusually tight or restricts normal movement. In babies with lip ties, the frenulum attaches closer to the tip of the upper lip, while in tongue ties, it may extend further toward the tip of the tongue, affecting its mobility.

How do you evaluate whether or not my child has a tongue or lip tie?

During the evaluation, we carefully observe your child's feeding patterns and oral function, taking into consideration any symptoms they may be experiencing. We will discuss with you any challenges you may have noticed during breastfeeding or other oral activities. Our team will also examine the positioning of the frenulum, assessing whether it is restricting normal movement of the lip or tongue. We use advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to ensure accuracy and precision in our evaluation.

What is the recovery and aftercare like for frenectomies?

The recovery after frenectomies is generally quick and straightforward. We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions, including guidance from our network of specialists, to ensure a smooth healing process and improve the breastfeeding experience for both you and your child.